dotScale Workshop day

June 6, 2015 ยท Paris, France

The Saturday before the main conference will be dedicated to a series of workshops hosted by our partners.

Your ticket for the conference does not grant you admission to the workshops. Space being limited, please only register if you are sure to attend.



Location: Web School Factory - 59 rue Nationale, 75013 Paris (map)

Hours: 9am-6pm (with a one hour lunch break)

Host(s): Benoit Barranco, Technical Leader Big Data & Analytics at the IBM Innovation Center Europe & Catherine Ezvan, Senior Certified Consulting IT Specialist - Cloud Software Technical Sales Client Technical Specialist

Datamine your body in the Cloud

You will learn, test and try using a demonstration on how to quickly connect an Electro Cardiogram that generates events to a Predictive Analytics engine using the services of Bluemix and IBM's Business Analytic tooling.


  1. Introduction: The Path to New Value with IBM Big Data & Analytics
  2. The Big Data Market, Illustrated Use Cases and the future of Big Data & Analytics with Watson Analytics
  3. Internet of Things & Wearable Connected Devices landscape
  4. Datamine your body in the Cloud
    • Demonstration: Avert Critical Health Conditions Real-time streaming data combining the Internet of things with a connected device streaming data via a smart phone to the cloud to store data and perform analytical operations.
    • Technical breakdown
  5. Introduction to Bluemix
  6. Hands on Labs
    • Introduction to the lab environment
    • Lab 1: Using the Analytics for Hadoop Bluemix service to load and transform your data
    • Lab 2: Building an Internet of Things application to collect data from a simulated device
  7. Predictive analytics with SPSS Modeler v17
    • Lab 3: Create a Model to Predict Heart Failure with SPSS and deploy it using the predictive modelling service on Bluemix

If you'd like to know more about Bluemix, you can join the Paris Bluemix meetup.


Please check them to be productive!

  • A reasonably-powered laptop with at least 4GB RAM with WifFi enabled
  • A Bluemix account. Get a new account here
  • An OpenVPN client. Download here
  • A Microsoft Remode Desktop client. Download here



Location: Web School Factory - 59 rue Nationale, 75013 Paris (map)

Hours: 9am-6pm (with a one hour lunch break)

Developing a local Continuous Deployment pipeline with Git, Chef and Jenkins

Welcome into the new world of IT, some Chef folks will walk you through using Chef Developement Kit, Git, Vagrant, Test Kitchen, Test Kitchen plugin to Vagrant and VirtualBox.
Once we are up and running with a Chef 'Bento' VirtualBox VM image, we will move to building the actual source VM image using Packer.
Then the process will move to building a Jenkins server on this image.
Of course we will do this on Linux first, then move on to builing on Windows.
Obviously none of this would be any good without a git checkin of source code or running a sprinkling of ChefSpec, Foodcritic and Serverspec tests on our newly minted infrastructure. TDI we love you.
Further, introduction to the new audit mode of the Chef client to validate what we have just built. Then we will move into deploying all our lovely tested code into one or two clouds (cloud providers are undecided at this time, and depend heavily on Wi-Fi internet access).
If time allows we will start to automate all of this via our Jenkins server and start to look at how we would use the deployment infrastructure for audit and compliance of the now deployed infrastructure.
If that is not exciting enough, then we will will have a few further exercises for the advanced folks, and maybe a few random surprises on what we can as a group achieve.

Disclaimer: This content is being actively worked on. The actual content may change a little depending on how well it all fits together.


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