Bronze partner

OpenIO builds next-generation object storage and serverless computing solutions based on open source technology which are much more flexible and efficient than traditional object stores, allowing to build evolutionary infrastructure that can scale consistently and seamlessly when new resources are added.

OpenIO SDS, an innovative product

OpenIO SDS and Grid for Apps work together to bring the best $/GB and $/data in the market. Our open source storage and serverless solution scales from 3-nodes up to thousands of PBs in a single domain space, with unmatched flexibility and efficiency. Its lightweight design and dynamic load balancing mechanism allow to build infrastructure based on ARM and x86 CPUs which scales seamlessly and with a consistent, linear scalability.

Key Innovations

The core of our technology is based on three main differentiator. Lightweight design, which allows our solution to run on ARM CPU as well as X86. Efficiency, contrary to most of other object stores we are not based on a traditional distributed hashing table, but on a more sophisticated set of distributed directories. Flexibility, thanks to Conscience technology the system monitors tat state of every single node in the cluster and always choose the best one for each single operation.

Use cases

With the OpenIO technology it is possible to target workloads that are common for the traditional object stores (such archiving for example), but our performance and the serverless computing framework allows us to address many more use cases. Including IoT, Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning.