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The European Tech Conference on Scalability

Come see the best experts worldwide share their insights on scalability, DevOps and distributed systems.

April 24, 2017 • Paris, France

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Already 8 speakers announced!

Ulf Adams

Ulf Adams

Lead of Bazel (Google’s Build System)

  • Munich, Germany
Marco Slot

Marco Slot

Principal Software Engineer at Citus Data

  • Haarlem, The Netherlands
More speakers to come

More speakers to come

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We also have great speakers at dotSecurity on April 21st

  • Mikko Hypponen

  • Paul Mockapetris

  • Jim Manico

  • Joseph Bonneau

  • Zane Lackey

  • Ingrid Epure

  • Philipp Jovanovic

  • More to come

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and even more with dotAI on April 25th

  • Olivier Grisel

  • Pierre Gutierrez

  • Charles Ollion

  • Mathias Ortner

  • Lian Li

  • Laurent Smadja

  • More to come

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